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    "As regards to content, the honor of the Ständ is predominantly expressed by a specific lifestyle that is imposed on anyone who wants to belong to that social circle."

    Max Weber

    "Taste is not only a part and an index of morality – it is the ONLY morality. The first, and last, and closest trial question to any living creature is, 'What do you like?' Tell me what you like and I’ll tell you what you are.”

    John Ruskin

    "We do not trouble ourselves about being esteemed in the towns through which we pass. But if we are to remain a little while there, we are so concerned. How long is necessary? A time commensurate with our vain and paltry life."

    Blaise Pascal

    “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”

    Coco Chanel

    "Our pride is more offended by attacks on our tastes than on our opinions."

    La Rochefoucauld

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    "I don't get it."

    Average Social Agent

    "I'm not sure how I feel about this."

    Anonymous Bourdieu Scholar

    "I like the font but you spelled "cultural" wrong."

    Reddit Commenter

    "Why does it cost so much to ship to Europe?"

    - Satisfied Customer from France

    "The kerning on that logo sucks."

    - Young Man at PS1, NYC

    "El bolso es rasquache."

    - Happy Customer from Mexico